TAU 7 - Technical Market Localisation技术市场本地化

Your company is already reaching out to English speaking export markets, across different marketplace platforms and websites.

Many western buyers are looking for your products, but they need information they can use before they can discuss business with you.

Marketing, procurement, decision support, quality control and compliance. These things are managed differently in Eastern and Western markets.

We edit or write your technical information so it can be used for purchase decisions.

This is the first step to find common ground with potential customers.

Equivalence between different technical standards and specifications can be difficult to establish.

Tau 7 helps your clients see your company is trusted, professional and ready to do business. 




  • Your time can be spent on your role in your business;
  • Documents and texts can be used across multiple sites, trading platforms, and marketing material media. We can also provide specific format, multi-format or manage delivery for you (with required permissions);
  • B2B clients involved in purchase decisions are already 57% towards making a decision  before they take any action on a site.  Inform that decision so they contact you;
  • Reduce service and help call loads;
  • Large, trusted trading platforms are ramping up their trade compliance departments. Presenting your product information and classifications clearly and concisely avoids any misunderstanding or trading halts.



    Our Business to Business Services include:

    We help your clients decide to buy from you.






    许多西方买家正在寻找您的产品. 确保他们有他们所需要的有用信息与贵公司洽谈业务.

    营销, 采购,决策支持, 质量控制和依从. 在东、 西方市场,这些东西都是不同的管理.


    Tau 7 帮助客户看到你的公司是值得信赖的,专业的,准备做生意.




    Tau7 B2B服务包括: