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Tau7 offers two levels of company checks of your potential trade partners to help you minimise risk.

Level 1: Discreet Company Check

The discreet company check is designed so your potential business partner does not know they have been checked. In some cultures it is a an everyday practice to check the companies you are doing business with, in other cultures it may be taken the wrong way, especially early in negotiations. 

There is an optional credit check, which you might select if you need to consider their record of paying moneys owed. If you select this option please be aware that the client may become aware that Tau7 has carried out a credit check.

This is a low cost, quick verification you might use if:

  • The value of the trade is low;
  • It is a one-off purchase;
  • You are considering an arrangement like drop-shipping where your overall financial risk is low because it is spread across the warehouser, shipper and client but the arrangement requires significant staff time so in terms of opportunity cost it is only profitable if your client is strong enough to stay in business.
  • You have had a request to supply or are entering negotiations for a high value or high resource demand request and want to know if it is worth pursuing negotiations or not.
  • Level 2 : Extensive Company Check

    The extensive company check is designed to investigate both the company and directors, past and present, to minimise the risk of dealing with 'phoenix' companies, 'shelf' companies, companies that exist for reasons other than to conduct business as well as companies that may be a credit risk. 

    You will receive copies of all publicly available government registration information, allowing you to check it against claims, contracts etc.

    We will verify Quality and Standards Certificates if applicable. This may affect you as a supplier in terms of their incoming material quality control and your negotiations about who pays for testing, audit and certifications depending on prospects for future business.

    We will provide an independent third party credit check and make a recommendation. For example with a recommendation for further risk mitigation you might consider adjusting the terms of trade, negotiating for more money upfront or asking for a Director's guarantee from holding company.

    We will carry out an internet and phone check. (Please ask if you need a physical check or inspection and we will quote depending on location. Permission will be required for an inspection).


    On-line purchase of Company Checks

    We can carry out checks in most countries with effective administration.  Information and costs of access vary across countries. If you would like a check of a company, subsidiary or non-profit organisation in Australia you can order it on-line.   For other countries simply submit a request with company, subsidiary or non-profit organisation details and location (including state or province) and we will promptly provide you with a quote and the information we can provide.






    IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not collect or provide personal information or collect or provide information that is not publicly accessible. The Company Check services are a collation of relevant, publicly available (or legally available for a fee) information for the purposes of decision making to minimise risk and facilitate business transactions.