Personal Name 英文名字

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English Name

We will send you a personal selection of three names for you to choose from, based on the information you provide.

Each name includes:

  • Audio file for pronunciation
  • Origin and meaning of the name
  • Famous and historical people with the name
  • Names ranked by popularity
  • After you have chosen your favourite, give the other names to your family or colleagues.
  • Free, live personal coaching for pronunciation is available.

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  • 音频文件(发音).
  • 名称由来.
  • 名称的意义.
  • 具有此名称的历史人物.
  • 受欢迎度排名.
  • 你选择你最喜欢的,另外两个作为礼物.
  • 免费,个人发音教练可用.



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