Common Ground is the Start of Every Negotiation.

Tau 7 helps your clients buy from you.

We are an export/import business facilitation service, offering services in technical editing, marketing, copywriting and assistance in compliance, quality and other communication.






We were developed to solve a problem we, as professionals with large budgets, repeatedly came up against in industries from construction through manufacturing to infrastructure. 


Our backgrounds include Engineering, Finance, Science, Advertising and Marketing and Education across private and public spheres.

Tau 7 Signatory to IBSO Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce 


We are based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia's favourite conference destination.




How we help companies exporting to English-speaking markets.

The procurement process in Western countries requires information. Different stakeholders in the process need to be satisfied that the purchase will meet technical, quality, financial and regulatory requirements.



We know from first hand experience many B2B international buyers are looking for and would like to access quality products, materials and components but do not proceed with the purchase. 

Why? Many reasons, but here are a few:

  • Lack of information at scoping stage;
  • Lack of company information required to seek quote;
  • Contractual problems due to adhoc selection of translated company names. 
  • Difficulty confirming and aligning achievements, standards and certifications. 

    Our services can make a measurable difference to your business immediately. Whether you are communicating with the English speaking market on your own website or a sales platform we can help your company present as trustworthy and professional and help your clients decide to buy from you.






    Tau 7 Building Bridges between East and West so you can get down to business.