Technical editing and copywriting? Why not just use a translator?

Tau 7's clients are companies already targeting Western markets so we expect you already have used a translator, whether you paid an accredited translator, asked one of your staff or even just used machine translation. 

Business practices are different East and West. Our experience in business, engineering, science and marketing means we know how to help your potential clients purchase from you by facilitating communication so your business stands out on it's merits and satisfies procurement processes.

Time and again we see websites and company pages on platforms that literally have millions of views, but few to no transactions. Many of these views are people who want your product but think 'I can't do business with them'.

Let the English-speaking world know your business is professional and ready to do business.


Available Payment Options:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay.

More options coming soon!

Direct deposit is available on request.

Let us know if there is a payment option you would like added.


Why do you ask for upfront payment?

Current restrictions on payment processing from some countries means we cannot begin work until money is received. We know you understand this and we support your use of payment processors that offer payment holding trusts. We will provide documentation to support purchases as required, for example if you have exceeded your foreign transaction limit. 

We do not outsource projects, our professional staff are all university qualified and experienced in STEM, business and humanities fields and are 'native' English speakers. We employ them so that you and your highly qualified staff are free to do what you do best - concentrate on running your business. 

We offer alternative payment arrangements for established clients with custom projects.

If you have not used our services before and are hesitant to pay upfront, try registering an account, we have occasional flash gifts generated in training sessions.


I live in China and I need paperwork in advance to complete the transaction, what can I do?

Easy. If you require evidence for capital and/or tax purposes proceed as follows:

1. Complete your order with all details filled in. Add a note in the box.

2. We will send a formal invoice (payment pending) for the service. You can use this invoice and the print out of the Terms and Conditions/ Services Agreement page (link also on Cart page) to prove the agreement.  

3. You must pay any and all taxes , fees and any other charges levied in China at your end. Tau 7 Pty Ltd pays taxes in Australia under the China Australia Tax Treaty (avoid double tax agreement) as an Australian company and is not liable for or able to pay your taxes in China just as you are not liable for or able to pay our taxes in Australia.

4. Notify us so we can complete the transaction. 

5. When complete payment is received we will issue a receipt and begin work on your project. 


Do you provide Faipao?

We cannot provide Faipao because we are not based in China. If you require Faipao please use a payment provider that allows you the option to select Faipao. Any fees incurred are between your payment provider and you.